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strippers stripograms kissograms dublin ireland
strippers stripograms kissograms dublin ireland
kissograms stripograms strippers dublin and ireland
kissograms stripograms strippers dublin and ireland

Welcome to the homepage.

Our Male and female kissograms are performing all around Ireland.

What is a kissogram?

A kissogram is a performance whereby a Male or female performer goes to a party event and reads out a poem to the Person based on his/her embarrassing stories etc it is for followed by a strip routine. The Kissogram differs from the stripper because a poem is involved in the routine however the kissograms also a performs a strip routine after the poem is read out.
We like getting some juicy information on the Person for their party and sharing it for fun with the group.

Our Kissograms have been known to role play many of their performances with their costumes such as.

A Garda Uniform - Whereby the performer would come to a house door where a party is taking place and saying he got a complaint about the noise. This would be followed by him or her ripping of the shirt to startle the Girl/boy.

Hotel Manager - Our performer dressed in a suit would come to a hotel room and say he is not happy with the Hen party in the hotel and is asking everyone to kindly leave and find another hotel.

Many of these role plays can be created to add to the party entertainment. Please view our Gallery wall and don't hesitate to ring with any questions. We can tailor any performance to meet your requests no matter how mild or wild you need it.